Pro Packing Tip #52

If you have two boxes of water bottles from MEC, you have a problem.  #TheBoyIsAHoarder  #TheRealReasonTheWorldIsRunningOutOfWater.

It’s like MEC exploded in this box.


Learning to Drive

With visions of off-roading dancing in his head, the Boy insisted that I learn to drive his truck.  I drove it for about 30 feet until my terror screams made him rethink his choice.

Please do not ask me to parallel park this thing….ever.

Pro Packing Tip #17

If you find a box in your attic that is marked, TO SORT.  And it has been there since your last move over ten years ago, you are probably okay to throw it out.

Pro Packing Tip #17


Okay, you have found my site sooner than I expected.  Good for you, Eager Beaver.  I am not quite in Squamish yet.  I am still packing.  But I am on my way soon.  Stay tuned.